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Welcome and thank you for your interest in TAXICOLOGY, Inc.: a tax advising firm located in Northern Colorado. We specialize in providing tax help to individuals and small businesses, including academic and professional consultants. We pride ourselves on our competitive rates and extraordinary level of service. Please contact us today for your free* initial consultation! 

Our services focus on minimizing your tax burden. We take a scientific approach to this mission that includes a free review of your previously filed tax returns. Our review exhaustively tests the hypothesis that you have paid too much tax and are due additional refunds. We then apply our thorough understanding of your tax situation to follow-up with careful preparation of your original tax returns. For small businesses we offer additional services to ensure qualification for all available deductions.

The IRS estimates that your federal tax return will require between 10 and 60 hours of your time to prepare, depending on its complexity. But you don't specialize in preparing tax returns, while we do. We also specialize in QuickBooks accounting software and can provide time-saving bookkeeping advice to our small business clients. Our firm has acquired certifications that include Professional Tax Preparer, Professional Bookkeeper, and QuickBoooks Pro Advisor.
Probably you don't enjoy figuring your tax liability and perhaps it's a task you avoid. The IRS and its Notices are likely a source of dread for you. If so, please let us handle your taxes for you. The background of our firm is in research and we really do enjoy exploring how to best take advantage of the tax laws for your benefit. 
There is significant gratification to be gained in supporting a small local business. That's why TAXICOLOGY, Inc. is a proud member of the Local Living Economy Project of Fort Collins, CO. Our firm is a small, family-held company; locally owned and independently operated. We are committed to providing close, personal attention to our clients, backed by advanced training, technical experience, and financial acumen.
We have designed this website to be a useful resource for you and have included numerous free reports on financial strategies for business owners, individuals, and investors. You can also get the latest breaking tax saving strategies in our monthly newsletter - be sure to register for email delivery!
Our website also provides many online tools that, among other things, allow you to check the current tax rates and due dates, incorporate your business, get the latest version of QuickBooks, securely send us your accounting files, or simply pay our fees online.

* There is no charge for your initial consultation, but a $75 deposit will be requested to be applied agaist the invoice for preparation of your next tax return.

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